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The County Party

The county democratic party is a local political organization that represents the Democratic Party at the county level. It is responsible for organizing and coordinating party activities within the county, including voter registration drives, candidate recruitment and support, fundraising, and voter outreach efforts.

The county democratic party also serves as a resource for Democratic candidates running for local and state offices. It provides campaign support, training, and resources to help candidates run successful campaigns and win elections.

In addition to its political activities, the county democratic party may also engage in community outreach efforts to promote Democratic values and priorities, such as promoting social justice, protecting the environment, and supporting working families. Overall, the county democratic party plays an important role in advancing Democratic policies and values at the local level.

Servanie Sessions
Walker County Chair

What is a County Chair? What does the County Chair do?

The county chair is the leader and presiding officer of the county Democratic Party. The county chair is responsible for a multitude of duties and, along with the County Executive Committee, is responsible for organizing and strengthening the Party at the county level. A county chair should be outgoing, self-motivated, and organized.


Duties and Responsibilities

The county chair’s official and unofficial duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Recruiting enthusiastic, responsible people to serve as precinct chairs or precinct coordinators in every precinct in the county


    • Training precinct chairs


    • Calling and chairing meetings of the County Executive Committee


    • Bringing together the diverse groups within the Democratic Party and local community


    • Raising funds for the local effort


    • Recruiting, training, and managing volunteers and volunteer program


    • Building and maintaining a local Party database


    • Organizing and assisting local Democratic clubs and organizations


    • Developing and maintaining a good working relationship with the local media and representing the Party with the media


    • Representing the county Party to candidates, officeholders, and local, state, and national Democratic organizations


    • Supervising party office staff authorized by the County Executive Committee


    • Recruiting and developing candidates


    • Executing/administering of the Primary Election and Primary fund


    • Establish a budget

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