Zoom Planning Meeting 11/23/2020 5:30pm
Walker County Democrats

Zenna Smith

ZENNA SMITH My name is Zenna Smith, and I have been around long enough to know that I am mortal and that I have a limited amount of time on this earth to lead a caring, meaningful life, so I work at doing the most good that I can wherever I am. That means that I have a lot of respect for knowledge, history, and living a lawful life . Having grown up in a small East Texas town, I learned early on that for a community to work in peace and harmony, one respects the rights and opinions of others, withholds judgmental views, and shows courtesy and respect for others, believing that we are all worthy of both. If one reads deeply and widely enough, she/he will learn that according to the current data on DNA, we are all related 99.5%. If you accept that data from the scientific professionals, then you are a big step ahead of many people.

Professionally, I learned from my mother the importance of reading, thinking, and reserving judgment. As she had an Irish background, I grew up hearing many Irish sayings and still cite them myself. She taught me that life is not fair—it just IS. She encouraged me to be whatever I desired to become and always had a positive view of the world, even though she was left with 5 children at home after the death of her spouse. She never married again, but went on herself to teach in the public schools and supported each of us in whatever we were doing. As a result, I left that small town and went on to achieve four degrees, three at SAM HOUSTON STATE UNIVERSITY and one from TEXAS A &M . I was a teacher In Huntsville, TX and also at Bel Air High School and a librarian. I am still reading and learning as well as participating in my community by service in different organizations, including my church, the DAR, registering voters, secretary of the Sam Houston Chapter of The Native Plant Society and this local chapter of the WCDC.

I subscribe to a number of publications in the area of science, health, nutrition, etc., exercise at home with a balance and strength program, grow my own organic vegetables, and flowers, draw with micron pens and pencils and do watercolors, work on family genealogy, have written over 200 poems and support this local chapter of Democrats and at the state and national level. I have a grown son and daughter and 5 grandchildren.

Recording Secretary