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November 8, 2022 Election

Meet The Candidates


Beto O'Rourke

Candidate for Texas Governor

Mike Clollier.jpg

Mike Collier

Candidate for Texas Lt Governor

Rochelle Garza.jpg

Rochelle Garza

Candidate for Texas Attorney General

Janet Duding.jpg

Janet Dudding

Candidate for Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts

Susan Hays_edited.jpg

Susan Hays

Candidate for Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Jay Kleberg.jpg

Jay Kleberg

Candidate for Texas Public Lands Commissioner

Luke Warford_edited.jpg

Luke Warford

Candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner

Laura Jones.jpg

Laura Jones

Candidate for US House

 District 8

Mary Jo Woods.jpg

Mary Jo Woods

Candidate for US House

District 17

Sherry McKibben.jpg

Sherry McKibben

Candidate for

Walker County TX Judge

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