Walker County Texas Democratic County Chair

Servanie Sessions

The county chair is the leader and presiding officer of the county Democratic Party. The county chair is responsible for a multitude of duties and, along with the County Executive Committee, is responsible for organizing and strengthening the Party at the county level. A county chair should be outgoing, self-motivated, and organized.

Duties and Responsibilities

The county chair's official and unofficial duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

· Recruiting enthusiastic, responsible people to serve as precinct chairs or precinct coordinators in every precinct in the county

· Training precinct chairs

· Calling and chairing meetings of the County Executive Committee

· Bringing together the diverse groups within the Democratic Party and local community

· Raising funds for the local effort

· Recruiting, training, and managing volunteers and volunteer program

· Building and maintaining a local Party database

· Organizing and assisting local Democratic clubs and organizations

· Developing and maintaining a good working relationship with the local media and representing the Party with the media

· Representing the county Party to candidates, officeholders, and local, state, and national Democratic organizations

· Supervising party office staff authorized by the County Executive Committee

· Recruiting and developing candidates

· Executing/administering of the Primary Election and Primary fund

o Establish a budget

Walker County Democratic County Chair

Zoom Planning Meeting 11/23/2020 5:30pm
Walker County Democrats