Walker County Democrats
Huntsville, Texas

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         Buy tickets for the Molly Ivins - First Amendment Award Banquet.

The evening events are from 6:00 - 9:00 pm, Feb 23, 2019, at the  Walker Education Center, 1402 19th Street, Huntsville, TX.

Tickets are $50 or $25 for students. Tickets are available at Democrat headquarters with cash or check (936) 293-8110, but call first.  If no answer, please call/text  Andy Dewees at (936) 689-1320.  Or you may purchase tickets online below.

                                    PURCHASE TICKETS ONLINE

Use a credit card or your PayPal account to purchase tickets through the Club's secure 

ActBlue account below.  ActBlue is a non-profit fundraising organization utilized by Democrats across the U.S. to support their causes. This is a secure site and the  connection to this site uses a valid, trusted server certificate.  


​1.  Click here -ActBlue-to purchase tickets.  At the ActBlue site, simply type into the box  the total amount of your ticket purchase - $50 for one ticket, $100 for two tickets, etc.. The Club receives your information from ActBlue, and your name is added to the sign-in sheet for check in at the door.  Those who purchase tickets at ActBlue do not need to have an actual ticket in hand to attend the event.  Simply check in at the door.  Or, you may have tickets mailed to you (see 2. below).

2.  Please submit names of those using these tickets  HERE.  You may also include mailing address in this submission if you wish the tickets to be mailed to you.

Thanks for your support of the Walker County Democratic Party.