Walker County Democrats
Huntsville, Texas

                                                                 GET OUT THE VOTE
                                               Block Walking and Phone Banking

This election year is a momentous one both for Texas and the Nation.  Texas Democrats have a shot at electing several candidates to state office and to the U. S. Congress. Democrat Mike Collier stands a good chance of unseating Dan Patrick for Texas Lieutenant Governor, and Beto O’Rourke is running nearly even in the polls against Senator Ted Cruz.  We need to get out the vote to make this happen.

Toward this effort as the November election nears, Walker County Democrats will begin block walking and phone banking at Democrat Headquarters. We need both workers and team leaders.  The plan is to block walk and phone bank twice a week until the election.  This will require a strong volunteer effort.  Convenient scheduling will be arranged for each volunteer group.

For questions and to volunteer, please contact Andie Ho, President of the Walker County Democrat Club, at (316)727-6877 or andie.n.ho@gmail.com.                

Let’s do our part to GET OUT THE VOTE.