General Meeting Via Zoom July 13, 2020 5:30pm
Walker County Democrats

About Molly Ivins First Amendment Award

For the past 13 years the Club has hosted our Annual Molly Ivins First Amendment Awards banquet.  At this event we honor Molly Ivins for her long-time analysis of the Texas political scene.  And, in the spirit of Molly, we select an individual or an organization to receive our First Amendment Award for their contributions to free speech here in Texas.  

 The agenda for the evening would include a 20-30 minute talk by the Award Recipient   We typically have around 100 in attendance at a catered, sit-down dinner held at the Katy and E. Don Walker Educational Center adjacent to the campus of Sam Houston State University.   At the end of the evening the Club will conduct a brief live auction as a local fundraiser.