Walker County Democrats
Huntsville, Texas

Walker County Democrats

Administrative information:

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​This is the official site of the Walker County Democratic Party in Huntsville, Texas, and the Walker County Democrat Club (WCDC).

WCDC is the fundraising arm of the County Party and is registered with the Texas Ethics Commission as a General-Purpose Political Committee (GPAC). Click here to search for WCDC reports filed with the Texas Ethics Commission.

This site serves the residents of Walker County, including the communities of Huntsville, New Waverly, Riverside, Bedias, and Dodge.

Chair of the Walker County Democratic Party is Terry Presley
  geegee.tp@gmail.com, 936-661-9218.
President of the Walker County Democrat Club is Fred Guillory
   fguill@swbell.net, 713-314-6191

The Walker County Democrat Club meets at 5:30 pm twice a month at Democratic Headquarters on the Huntsville Square, 1111 University Ave:
    Second Monday - General Meeting with a speaker or program
    Fourth Monday - Planning Meeting

WCDC Headquarters:

1111 University Ave (on the Square)

Huntsville, TX 7730

(936) 293-8110


Mon–Fri 10 am–3 pm

Sat 10 am–12 pm

Sun Closed

Mailing address:

WCDC P.O. Box 6744
Huntsville, TX 77342

Democratic Headquarters at 1111 University Ave is open:

Mon thru Fri 10 am - 3 pm
Sat 10 am - 12 noon

Call (936) 293-8110